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The Luxury Gratitude Bracelet in 14K Gold Filled With A Grey Pearl Bridal Jewelry Purity Generosity Loyalty

The Luxury Gratitude Bracelet in 14K Gold Filled With A Grey Pearl Bridal Jewelry Purity Generosity Loyalty

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This Lovely Bracelet is Handmade by the Designer.
Limited Quantities are available.
Your Luxury Gratitude Bracelet will be a treasured keepsake!

The Golden Gratitude Pearl
Purity Generosity Loyalty
  • Pearl...   Purity  Generosity  Loyalty 
  • Gorgeous Stretch 14K Gold Filled Baroque Pearl Bracelet
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Handmade One Of A Kind
  • Perfect for Gifting
  • Meaningful Jewelry
  • Motivational Bracelet
  • Classic Pearls Always in Style 

         Handmade designer Teramasu Gratitude Bracelet in 14K Gold Filled and Baroque Pearl. This handmade designer bracelet is a beautiful reminder to begin each day with a heart full of Gratitude to invite abundance into your life. This stunning stretch bracelet features a classic white baroque pearl, 14K Gold Filled Beading  and signature gold Teramasu tag. Bracelet measures approx. 7 inches but stretches (custom length can be made per request, please reach out to for more information) 

With regard to the meaning behind this gorgeously designed bracelet, pearls are truly one-of-a-kind amongst other gemstones because they don’t come from the earth but are of the sea. Pearls are considered to be the only gemstone naturally produced by living creatures (mollusks) and when it comes to their natural beauty, baroque pearls require no special shaping or enhancing in order to make the most of their radiant exquisiteness. Their natural shine and gloss (which has become its signature trademark) has been treasured and cherished since ancient times well into fashion and Hollywood icons, ensuring that pearl jewelry always remains in style. Pearls are the perfect, meaningful stone as they are said to symbolize purity, generosity, integrity, as well as loyalty in its wearer. It has also been believed to promote knowledge, morality, and prosperity.  Pearl jewelry is considered to be the perfect accessory for brides on their wedding day, reflecting both tradition and class throughout cultures. 

The Gratitude Collection was created to inspire you with an positive message that a heart full of gratitude will invite abundance into your life. By wearing these one of a kind bracelets, you are reminded of that message each day with beauty composed of handmade jewelry design by Teramasu in our studio in the Village of Pinehurst North Carolina. Each bracelet comes wrapped and displayed in a classic black and white box, Teramasu Gratitude Bracelet description booklet, and black and white bow.


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